LASEX Research Areas

As members of LASEX we study different effects and aspects of galaxy formation and evolution, in line with the current great effort in Contemporary Astrophysics to understand how these objects are created and how they transform throughout the history of the universe. Our group seeks to conduct research related to different aspects of these processes. How do galaxies form? How does the gas responsible for the formation of stars undergo the gravitational collapse necessary to generate a new galaxy, and was this process the same in the past? How then is gas used subsequently, and why is the death of a galaxy so rapid? What is the influence of the environment of a galaxy in its formation and evolution? All are key issues, and the contribution of our group is already internationally known. To know more about the different lines of research in which we operate, click on the images below!


Select works by LASEX related to subject:
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Select works by LASEX related to subject:
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Select works by LASEX related to subject:
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PI: Karín Menéndez-Delmestre
Ongoing deep optical survey of southern-hemisphere galaxies with SOAR telescope.

Spoilers and Results available (soon) here.